Nov 8, 2014
Mochipan (All reviews)
Having just watched half of SAO s1 and thrown it down in raging disgust, I came across Log Horizon and ignored it at first due to its extremely similar synopsis. I finally came back and watched it after seeing some decent reviews. Now that I've seen it, I would like to proclaim Log Horizon to be the salvation of the gaming anime genre!

Art and sound are decent and consistent but the characters and setting of Log Horizon are what makes this series truly amazing.

This series has a diverse cast of utterly lovable characters. Even the supporting characters or the mains who occasionally get sidelined are still fun to watch due to their interactions with each other. The huge cast should be no surprise as this is a Massive Multiplayer Online game. Unlike SAO, LH fleshes out many of its characters, bringing them to life and shows the community among the players within the game world. This is how a fun MMO should be, and LH portrays it perfectly.

The setting is also rather intriguing. Rather than just being a prison that players have to escape from, the game world becomes their reality according to the MC, Shiroe. The game is a living breathing world that can be shaped by whatever actions the players take, and a lot of the story develops as a result of the players discovering new possibilities and events that happen over the course of the series. Due to its heavy emphasis on world building with economies and governments being established within the game world, this series tends to be dialog heavy and may not be a favorite among action fans. The action is certainly there but not in nearly every episode.

One gripe I had with the series was how no one seemed to care about being stuck in the game. Maybe literally everyone in LH are gaming nerds with no friends irl and are perfectly fine being stuck in a game with their online friends, but I doubt it. There is also no explanation as to how everyone became trapped. Some kind of unexplainable spontaneous magical anomaly? Oh well, not going to debate anime logic.

Despite its lack of explanations, LH's well-paced story and immersive world makes it a must watch. Watch now and see the truth, thy heathens !