Nov 7, 2014
ZENSX (All reviews)
STORY: [7.5/10]
This is basically a crossover project that mix and matches characters and plots from the Hibi ChouChou (HCC) and Hirunaka no Ryuusei (HnR) universe respectively. So therefore if you have no prior knowledge of either pieces of work, you most likely will not enjoy it as much. For well-versed readers of either manga, expect plenty of enjoyable character interactions and seeing the out of place character-led scenarios. There won't be any developed story lines obviously, so keep that in mind.

ART: [7.5/10]
Written and drawn by the same respective authors, the designs and details are consistent with their parent stories. If the characters designs, expressions, basic ink work such as tones, shades and details attracted you the first time around, you can expect the same level of consistency and skill in this piece of work.

CHARACTERS: [7.5/10]
As mentioned earlier, you'll be seeing the same faces found in the parent stories. The difference would be the pairings of the characters and the "universe" they partake in. Female protagonist from HCC gets paired with the male protagonist from HnR and they exist within the HnR universe. On the other hand, the female protagonist from HnR and male protagonist from HCC are set in the HCC universe. The result of these combinations lead to some wonderful dialogue and scenes that were most definitely enjoyable.

As a fan of both parent stories, I enjoyed this sub-series immensely. It kind of makes you wish other mangaka would collaborate more often. Mixing and matching certain universes > fan service and ecchi; at least in my opinion. A solid 8 out of 10. I would have no problem reading it again as it is rather short but I can at least enjoy the artwork/scenarios some more. A real treat for fans of either (or both) series, and a easy recommendation as well.