Nov 7, 2014
shawnofthedeadz (All reviews)
Accel World: The show where the only ridiculously fat-short boy ever(!) finds himself in a harem filled with your typical cliches, fan service and plot. Clearly, this show can't be worth watching... Yet, despite all these and its other horrendous flaws, it is.

Unlike other shows without redeeming qualities, Accel World does do some things right.

For one, it's hard not to get absorbed in its well imagined and detailed world. From the basic yet intriguing neuro linkers to the augmented reality they can bring forth, there is a ton of cool ideas in Accel World. Whether you enjoy the romantic idea of directly linking to your partner or the concept of speeding up your brains neural activity, the show will leave with lots to think about. It is something Reki Kawahara seems especially good at adding to his stories.

What will absolutely destroy the show for you however, is the second half of the show (which is also a common trend with Reki Kawahara's works). It's not per say that its so brutal, more that it is a huge letdown and mostly irrelevant to the overall plot. It also goes on for way too long and feels very segmented.

Regardless of the poor final half, don't let it turn you off. Accel World is a good show. By no means is it great but it is still imaginatively inspiring. It's also nice to see a digital world portrayed in different way than your typical VR anime and to have real life consequences too. Overall, Accel World is worth watching but be prepared to be disappointed when it fails to maintain the high it does so well to build.