Nov 6, 2014
shawnofthedeadz (All reviews)
Without a doubt, Spice and Wolf is one of the more recognizable and loved series of the decade. Originally based on the brilliant light novel and followed by an amazing yet sadly unconcluded anime, now comes a Spice and Wolf manga. But is it really necessary?

The short answer is... yes!

The quality of the manga does not fail to impress! A must read for any fans of the series, and especially those of the anime. Every scene shown in the anime is expanded upon in the manga with much detail and often with very high quality art making it a very worth while to read.

This added detail however, does come at a cost. The manga feels much slower (and is much slow paced) compared to anime. It often takes several volumes to feel like the overall plot has gotten anywhere. Especially at the early volumes, making the manga intimidating to start.

Not surprisingly, this gives the mangaka much more time to develop and flesh out Holo's and Lawerence's romance and fortunately, it works in the manga's favor. The Romance is what makes this story so great. From every giddy moment, to the ups and downs of their romance this story will play with your heart. If you want to indulge more in this romantic duo, than the Manga should be on your to read list.

To conclude, the manga is a very worthwhile read for both those new to the series and those who come here seeking more. It's also worth noting as others have, the art in general seems fairly unimpressive in the first volume, however from the second volume on it really gets its act together. As if if the mangka found his grove then.