Nov 5, 2014
VNitsua (All reviews)
I don't know what to say. This anime is one of few to reach a new low. I usually reserve 2 and 1's for shows that scream, "No effort," or are plain offensive. This anime... I don't know where to begin. I can tell there was actual effort put in, and I never felt that it offended me in anyway. But it's still is so bad I can't believe it even now.

At least, with Skelter Heaven and Mars of Destruction, they were only one episode length long. Tokyo ESP is twelve episodes. And nowhere in those twelve episodes are any shred of dignity. I was embarrassed to have finished this. Everyone I knew told me how they dropped it after two or three episodes because of its atrocities. Maybe I was foolishly hoping it would get better as I force-fed myself.

The plot is an origin story of the "White Girl" and her band of crime fighters. Although, it starts off near the end of the story because seventy-five percent of this anime is a flashback. And also flashbacks within a flashback just to add some depth, I guess. It really is hard to remember specific details of the plot due to how unimportant most of it was. Overall, it was forgettable and uninteresting. What was memorable was the "Deus Ex Machina" at the end! Boy, was that memorable!

When boiled down, this is a show about superheroes fighting villains. What is probably the single most important thing for any type of media or literature with superheroes in them? Character development! Batman wouldn't be very interesting if he didn't grow as a character from his past to his present. In Tokyo ESP, this is practically nonexistent! Literally, no one ever changes. There might be that occasional flashback within a flashback that tells the history of a character but that is it. Character development isn't why or how a character is, it is why or how he or she grows from how he or she normally was.

Since this is an animation, I'll talk about the art style and quality. I feel bad to have to kick a dog while it's down. The art style is rather bland and uninspired. The art quality is the icing on the cake, though. It is utter garbage. Characters look stiff, scenes show signs of laziness, animation is inconsistent, and the CGI is as dreadful as Skelter Heaven's. It's just not good.

Now for the best part of the anime! The music was fun to hear... for the first two times. Yes, the music is catchy and pumps up the audience, but it can only be played so much. There are many shows that use the same music for the "big finishing move" in multiple scenes, but the "big finishing move" music in Tokyo ESP is on a ten second loop. It will play the same tune over and over every ten seconds five minutes at a time at almost every fight scene.

So, that's pretty much all there is to it. Tokyo ESP is a downright terrible anime, and it makes me feel icky inside to have had the experience of watching it.