Nov 4, 2014
PetiteAni (All reviews)
I don't really usually rate something I watched or read, but this manhwa was an exception. This really is one of the best manhwa I have ever read! I strongly suggest many to read it, but if you are as sensitive as I am, be prepared for a lot of tissues xD

Love in the Mask is about an orphaned girl, Suh Hyun Bin, who was forced to live as a guy in order to survive. She isn't just your typical protagonist who lived a horrible life and then just magically becomes one who lives a perfect life. It is way much more than that. This manhwa was pretty long with a total of 134 chapters but I completed all in three days with nights I've spent past 1 am to read. Although long, the story was really well written and just kept pulling me to continue reading.

The art wasn't particularly unique but is enjoyable. In the beginning, Hyun Bin was portrayed as a male but later on, the art changes a bit and readers can tell that Hyun Bin looks more of a female. There were some designs that I didn't really like, but overall, it was beautiful!

The characters are the best feature of this manhwa. Each individual character's past and story were really well portrayed and were strong. There were some characters that I really wished that the author could have shown more though.

Enjoyment was outstanding. I really enjoyed reading every chapter of this manhwa and I still can't get enough of it. It would be awesome if they made a sequel.

Overall, I still give this manhwa a 9. Near the end, I felt that things were a bit too rushed and didn't give enough time for readers to get used to them. I believe that the author could have done more but it is still an awesome manhwa! Truly a beautiful manhwa and one of the best!