Nov 2, 2014
LollipopXXX (All reviews)
Yumeiro Patissiere is arguably one of my favorite manga. This is a manga I would recommend to those who enjoy romance, shoujo, or baking/food themes. When reading this manga you will see delicious looking edible creations and lovely costumes.
Story: 10
I gave Yumeiro Patissiere a 10 because the storyline was well developed and always kept me entertained. The story is filled with dreams, obstacles, and over all many inspirational moments.
Art: 9
Art is a definite 9 to me. The art is impressive and detailed, definitely cute and pleasing on the eyes. Although sometimes I felt as if something was missing. If you like typical shoujo art styles, then this is a good choice.
Character: 10
The characters in Yumeiro Patissiere enchanted me. I fell in love with each character within the first 7 chapters. Even the more irritating characters eventually grew on me. They each have their own persona which add to the overall lovely flavor off the story. The main character is clumsy yet ingenious, which makes her so entertaining. The male leads are each different types of characters, you have the pretty boy, the gentle boy, and the somewhat aggressive, sadist boy, which provides a variety of love interests for many people to grow on.
Enjoyment: 10
I truly enjoyed Yumeiro Patissiere because I adore food themed Manga/Anime. It also pleased me with the extensive plot and adorable art. I would love to read this manga over and over again.
Overall: 10
Definite 10. Without a doubt. This manga deserves a 10 because it hits you with the competitions, romance, obstacles, and lovable characters.
I would highly recommend this to any shoujo loving person.