Nov 1, 2014
Nourin (Anime) add (All reviews)
Lord_Rutsah (All reviews)
Hate it! Hate it hate it hate it!

Why? The story is somewhat original, the jokes are pretty funny, the music and the animation are on pretty ok levels, the fanservice is good. But the ideology makes me want to burn rainforests, preferrably filled with endangered species.

The anime begins with our protagonist, Kosaku, 100% obsessed over a certain pop idol in Tokyo, far away from the countryside where our protagonist attends a Farmer's School (something like a regular high school with lots of focus and special lessons about various aspects of farming). The pop idol on the other hand, Ringo, is going through depression due to being forced to smile all day. After a certain point she has a mental breakdown and can't show emotions anymore. (By the way, did I mention she's practically a loli? We're talking emotionless loli here! (Y) ). She decides to take a break from the world of showbuis, and visits the place where one of her fans sent her vegetables from (reaaaaaal smooth Kosaku... Send tomatoes to the person you admire.) Anyway, she rerolls at the protagonist's school where she's trying to learn about farming in order to get over her depression (And yes it's a fact. Freud just came back from the dead so he can commit suicide!).

The supporting cast consists of the rest of the school's students, most notable of which is a classmate of the protagonist (with rediculously large b.. cleavage ... No, screw it. Her boobs are huge.) who has a crash on him and an eyeglasses dude that from the beginning to the end you will suspect of being homo. As the loli (Ringo) attends the farming school, the show throws at us the "wisdom of country folk" with Ringo learning their ways.

Let me be clear with this: I do not have anything against people from villages, farmers etc. But the way the anime is trying to force on us the "wisdom of nature and countryfolk" is making me puke. First of all, Ringo has lived in Tokyo, doing a pretty hard job there too. And after leaving Tokyo she comes to a place where she is practically taught that the ways of the "ignorant folk" in the cities are wrong (obviously the anime never 100% puts it like that, but it is kind of the general message). Most of all, I am angered by the fact that Ringo accepts this instead of reminding them that practically none of them has dared stepped out of their small community (as in, never). People, you shouldn't get life lessons from someone who hasn't left the safety of his neightbours & family for his whole life. Seriously, it's not smart.

I HATE the "noble savage" idea. I get that staying close to nature and respecting it is the right way and all that, but unless Peter Jackson directs it history has shown that our "evil corrupt civilizations" have repeatedly kicked "a$$ while a few billion "good respectful nature folk" have gone extinct. I don't have a problem with the show questioning our morals, or saying that life in the big cities may be stressfull for some, but presenting us as morons I will NOT stand for.

The animation and sound are definitely well done, the sub-plots are interesting (so long as you can avoid puking) and the fanservice is acceptable. But I really, really can't stand the idea of a pop idol dirtying herself and sweating to plant a potato while some random guy keeps giving her monologues about how the potato represents life and the ground feeds us and by-the-gods-shut-up-already!. If I were in Ringo's position I would be burying something else beneath the soil.