Jul 12, 2009
vaberella (All reviews)
I really liked this story.

This was very enjoyable. Just as the synopsis says, girl has crush on prince she's dreamed of and in order to get rid of someone he believes to be her crush's "girlfriend", she decides said "girlfriend" at her place. Let's just say that the story is totally different.

The concept of gender-bender is not original, but I always like the storyline given to them and how they're executed. I have to say this was a good execution of a great plot line. I liked the story immensely. Unfortunately it's poor for character development, like you don't get to know the characters---and this is not always an affliction of one-shots, but found more prevalent amongst them.

The lead girl is a bit flaky but strong. She's not one to sit around and be mistreated. She takes the initiative to make her dreams come true, in the process she puts herself in precarious situations and ultimately funny moments with the lead. She had her moment, although a small window, of dealing with her sexuality. As she believes she may be having feelings for a woman. ^_^ That was ridiculously entertaining...although the writer didn't touch on this too much in the story, which was unfortunate. The lead male is sexy as hell, either as a male or a female. Adored him as a woman though, he makes me lol. He's a funny character.

The story was good, the art was excellent, the characters were mediocre but fun, and I enjoyed it, immensely, as I stated. Good read.