Oct 27, 2014
Reimei-Chan (All reviews)
"We're not gods, we're only human. We can't even save a little girl, so what good are we?"-Edward Elric

Now let's talk about the best rated show on this website. Ever since its release, fans and critics alike have a mixed reaction to the show. Some of them say that the original show is better while others say this is better. I can't see why we can't like both. They each have things that really work about them. I think they are both masterpieces on a entertainment and artistic level. Some moments in the show will make you laugh, then the next question life, and then cry your eyes out. Some moments in the show are just plain beautiful from the characters, animation, and the really touching moments. There are moments were some of the characters you get attached to die. (Not going to tell what characters because of spoilers, obviously.) A character will get super depressed, and one even almost goes insane. All of these characters express real human emotions unlike some other anime which they express one key emotion. The emotional scenes aren't forced, they have a really big impact on you as a person. You'll start to relate to every character and even question life. Some examples being "What is the truth?" or "Could humans play the role of god?" That's why I love this show so much. You'll start to look at the world in a different perspective after you watch this and the original show. Now shall we get to the review?

Story 10/10 Standout(s) The fantastic end to the series

If you want to know my original thoughts of the story, read my review of the original show. Anyway the end to this anime is one of the best endings I've ever seen in an anime. It was very beautiful and touching. This review is suppose to be spoiler free (In most cases.) So I can't tell you my thoughts of the ending. If you want more in detail of the ending, just ask me. Anyway, I can't talk about much about the story without repeating myself, so let's go to the art and animation.

Art and Animation 10/10 Standout(s) The animation

You can tell that they had a huge budget just by looking at a character. It was very solid and very easy on the eyes. This really shines in the well animated action scenes. They were just plain epic! What I didn't explain in full detail in my review of the original was the character designs. I didn't give enough praise for them, I just said they were creative and expressive, that was it. You can tell which character is who at first glance. That's a really hard thing to do for a 64 episode anime, but this show pulls it off very well. The character's have there own unique features that stand out among the rest. Now let's go to the sound.

Sound 10/10 Standout(s) The dub

The soundtrack really fit in with the anime. I mostly loved the music they played in the action scenes or when there was something bad going on. I found it very unique and weirdly fit with the tension of a scene. For the dub, most people consider it one of the best dubs out there and I don't blame them. The only difference between the dub for the original and the dub for this was Al's actor. Al's original actor, Aaron Dismuke, had too deep of a voice to play Al anymore. So they got Maxey Whitehead to play him. So was Maxey good as Al? She did a fantastic job in my eyes. When I saw the first episode, I thought that was the original actor. That's how good her performance was. If you want me to go in depth about the dub, read my review of the original. Now the one you've all been waiting for, the characters.

Characters 10/10 Standout(s) Every single one of them

This is my favorite character cast in any anime. They were all very entertaining in their own little way. If you want to hear me talk about Ed and Al, read my review of the original show. Let's just talk about Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes.

Roy Mustang:

On the outside, Roy seems like the calm, collected, and cool guy. On the inside he values the lives of his comrades like Riza Hawkeye and Maes Hughes. If one of them were to die, he would just be sad for the rest of his life. He also has a temper that sometimes gets the best of him. This is a guy you don't want to mess with. He'll burn you to death with his flame alchemy. What makes Roy such a good character is that he'll protect those he values with all his heart. He does have a few weaknesses too, you can't have a good character without his or her faults. Like I said, his temper and the fact that if you were to kill one of his friends, he would vow to kill you no matter what and won't forgive you. He doesn't forgive his enemies that easily. Overall, Roy is defiantly one of the best characters in this anime.

Maes Hughes:

Hughes may seem like the comic relief when you first meet him, but he has more of a personality then that. He is kind, outgoing, and an overall funny person! It's kind of weird how him and Roy get along so well. Hughes is more fun and loud while Roy is more calm and collected. He loves so many people and almost doesn't hate anyone. He loves his daughter and his wife. There's even a few jokes about them in some of the episodes. It feels like his family is the military, his real family, and the Elric brothers. He made a huge impact on the audience for reasons I won't spoil. Overall, a fun guy and a great character!

Enjoyment 10/10

People who will love this show: Everyone, especially fans of the manga.
People who won't like this show: I don't know who wouldn't like this.

Overall 10/10

Positives: Everything
Negatives: None

This is defiantly one of the best animated shows of all time. It's amazing how many things you'll learn in this anime. It taught me all sorts of things about life. I am in love with this series. Great anime and deserves a 10 from everyone. So watch it if you haven't.