Oct 26, 2014
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May it be said that this horror of an adapted anime has forever ruined my picture of DMMD. Anyone who gives this anime a decent score is just going easy on it. This anime is not a ten, not a seven or even the lowest score to ever be conceived of on MAL, a six. No, this is far worse.

What I was hoping for was, alas, too much. I feel sorry for previous fans of the series, as this does no justice to the original VN. Honestly, I think you should never remove the "L" from "BL", as the original had some plot points revolving around the romance between characters. I understand what the producers were trying to do here, which was acquire a new demographic. What a mistake.

In doing this, along with the short amount of episodes, they stripped the characters of any real feeling. You couldn't get attached to them because they didn't get a chance. Noiz, for example, was reduced to a background prop after his arc ended and Clear's began. There was no development because it wasn't long enough. ( Aside from Aoba using Scrap on them. ) The only character I really even liked was Clear. Every time an arc was finished Aoba stuffed that character into Glitter like he was building his own harem or something. I didn't like this at all, although I can understand why they did this. ( Basically so every character could achieve their "happy ends". )

The animation was mediocre at best. It seemed very rushed, especially towards the beginning. Near the end it was somewhat decent, but I've definitely seen better.

As for the sound, I'm pretty satisfied with it. It sets the mood fairly well in most parts. Probably the anime's only redeeming quality.

Okay, plot! Pretty much the same as the VN, which, mind you I found mildly boring too. This isn't really the anime's fault, but yeah, it's especially boring in the beginning. There were some plot holes, some of which the anime was at fault for due to not enough episodes. There were some pretty original ideas here and there, but without the romance there's really nothing all that amazing.

In conclusion, this anime sucks. I didn't enjoy it by any means. It was aimed at the wrong demographic, was rushed, had a low budget and not enough episodes to flush it all out. I think this anime would've been a lot better with more of a budget and more episodes. I recommend the VN if you're interested in it, but not the anime unless you're really bored. (or are a hardcore fan of the VN.)

NOTE: I'm not a professional at all. If you have a criticism of this review please tell me, it would really help! :)