Oct 26, 2014
Tatsude_M (All reviews)
''Battler, from now on, I shall allow you to use the blue.''

Well, this episode doesn't have a review, which is strange. This episode finishes the first half of the whole story, and it's very important. I will try to explain why without going into spoilers.

Story - 9
As the battle of minds continues, the story progresses as well. Throughout the episode readers receive a lot of flashbacks of Maria's and mysterious character's, from the end of the third episode, pasts. Their backstories explain why those characters are here, which moves the plot greatly. Not only mind battle is included in this part of the story, but also focusing on feelings. Among the first four episodes, this one touches you the most. Of course this wouldn't be the Umineko, if there were no plot twists. Without spoilers I will say that when readers reach the climax, they are going to be swallowed by the very last chapter. What's in there? Find by yourself :D

Art - 8
Just like in previous episodes art is very good. Crazy and scary facial expressions will give you shivers down your spine.

Characters - 9
Characters are still interesting, because of the continuous development. Also, some new characters are introduced. Come on, Ushiromiya family members and witches with their furniture are not enough, right?

Enjoyment - 9
This episode is really enjoyable, it's interesting, touchy and gives more mysteries. Last chapter makes me want to read the fifth episode right away.

Overall - 9
I think this score is fair. You never get bored during the reading. You just want more and more. Make sure to get acquainted with Umineko series, if this haven't been done so far.

Thank you for reading.