Oct 26, 2014
kyonJIE (All reviews)
This is an overall impression of this movie series. *Clarification if the movies are different to the series I wouldn't know I haven't watched past the 1st episode and I basicaly skim through that episode to see whats different, I don't remember if there was

The dominant thing that makes break blade has such an average score is the subpar premise and story with 90% of the characters pitiful and feels like their more filler talking dolls than anything of significance to the story.

- the premise is pretty bland already, boy with lesser qualities than rest of the people suddenly meet situation where he is now the special chosen one [break blades case: Rygart (main guy) doesn't have ability to do magic unlike the rest of the popolation, but wait suddenly miraculously finds this ancient mecha that is more powerful than the mecha that is in existance (why is some manual relic able to outpower these magic powered mechas I don't get it)]. Yeah I heard this song and dance before it's pretty shounen fair. However that could be overlooked if they can make the story exciting and interesting with compelling characters and their's the war setting so everything should be high stakes and action galor right?

The story- Break blade has amazing action I can give it that which is the only thing from the show that I can easily recommend. The more inferior aspects of the movies: I don't like the way break blade handles its war element. Politics are spat out, terror insuses in battle, people die; everything feels dull and inconsequential, even when there's high stakes, after they fought against a kingdom I was not sure what they were suppose to be accomplishing. The friend vs friend thing in the plot was really predictable and was not really settled at all. the running line in this anime is 'omg look at this mecha it's so strong' then they get assaulted. A whole lot of plot holes too (wtf was with that ending). I wasn't invested at all watching this which is a bummer, it looks so cool on picture.

Characters- Underdeveloped, forgetable bunch. Eccentric villians, sometimes characters say some amusing things, that's it. Rygart feels a tad hollow but he is the only character I want to see on screen. All characters have one archeatype to associate them with. Sometimes they have sudden "personality switches", they are just really bland.

There is good things about this show, it looks GREAT. Production IG with Xebec I don't think I expected anything less. Extremely detailed backgrounds and mechas, animation is great in action scenes. Battles are also well choreographed which pumps the action up considerabaly.
Also Death note composer comes and brings a hollywood score for break blade. His music is chaotic and serene that is probably one of the best soundtracks in anime. I listen to it often.