Oct 26, 2014
Nyatto! (Manga) add (All reviews)
iNemo (All reviews)
I didn't see a positive review here and I think this deserves it.
This is tagged as comedy, ecchi, harem, and that it delivers.

The characters are likeable, the chapters are entertaining, there is plenty of nudity, and the girls are drawn well.

I especially enjoyed the first half a dozen chapters as the story was original and the girls were completely nude. After that the main antagonist is introduced and we go on to more standard chapters, going to the hot spring for example with the male character tied up outside. Cruelty to characters as in this example irritates me, but here it is not overbearing. And there is still plenty of non standard content.

The authors had a nice idea for a manga, write the excellent first few chapters and continue the rest of the series competently, carried along by our liking of the main characters and the embarrassing situations they find themselves in.