Oct 24, 2014
Sahlin (All reviews)
I have followed both the anime and manga of FMA for years, simultaneously. The first anime adaptation was satisfactory, but left a bad aftertaste.

Enter FMA: Brotherhood. Now this is a spectacular adaptation worthy of the manga; this is the epitome of a masterpiece anime. The series is just the right length; the storyline never drags, or falters. Although FMA:BH is strung together with an incredible strong plot, the characters are the real highlights of the series; the majority of the cast is thoroughly fully fleshed out with dilemmas worthy of our attention. And while author places nearly all major characters in perilous decisions, and they oftentimes follow through with these heinous choices, one cannot help but offer up sympathy to these fictional characters. There were many times where I frowned upon some of their judgement, but I often found myself contemplating: Could I have made a better decision if I were in their shoes?

The Elric brothers are amazing protagonists to follow in this splendid coming-of-age story. In the end, many of my values in regards to adults, decisions, and moral choices were uprooted, and I find myself realizing that more and more, life is less black and white, but moreso filled with shades of grey.

Definitely watch this series. Might I add, some of the soundtrack borrows from classical pieces such as Chopin's Etude Op.10 No.3, which only made the emotional scenes hit me *that* much harder.