Oct 23, 2014
animimosa (All reviews)
this got really bad.

the torturted animista can only suspect who actually were the culprits pressed the studio in this way to deliver a sequel, but do in no way anything like the first run. whoever it seems it was someone pritty fat and humourless but with a lot of influence to actually insist in the second season, for contract reasons only of course (!), but could force the makers to iron the whole thing flat. as flat they just could get it. really flat i mean.

they removed all elements which created not a spectacular but still entertaining anime in season one, as the sense of humour, the artwork and flawless animation suited the topic, and replace them with more of the dreadful "ganbanakya, ganbanakya" singing of morally indisputable, rather square looking crybabies. Was surprised they actually could swim.

holy bukatsu! Now this will propably give president putin some well deserved tears of moral enjoyment.

maa ii, 3 points because it had some colour and sound! thats quite generous.