Oct 20, 2014
Caimthehero (All reviews)
What can I say about this story that hasn't been said already. For starters it's not perfect but it comes close for a shonen fighting series. Ares is in one word Epic. I don't favor that word because of the modern over-usage of it but that is the single best word to describe the action thrills that come from Ares. Most of the characters are fantastic with special mention going to Mikael and Ares who are stand outs among a good cast. All the characters are painted realistically with their own motives and desires. It does have funny and heartwarming moments to go with the action and drama, so it doesn't take itself too seriously. Warning though there are character deaths and many tense moments so if you are looking for something light hearted this might not be for you. There really was only one moment where the characters began holding the idiot ball, aka author manipulation. The part in question could only happen with a few OOC (out of character moments) and multiple mistakes in the worst way. It makes you say "why didn't they just do it this way!" that keeps Ares from a perfect score. Despite the hiccup Ares is an amazing series with war, fighting, tactics, friendship, comedy, tragedy, and love. Any person who enjoys action will find something to like about ARES.