Oct 19, 2014
Meruru-tan (All reviews)
So I wanted to spend some BL quality time and gave this anime a try.
At first I wasn't too sure if I would really watch this to the end or if I would rather stop halfway because the plot would just be too boring and annoying, but to my surprise Kono Danshi, Ningyo Hiroimashita turned out to be one of the best shounen ai series that I watched up until now!

Story 7/10

Ok the plot of this fictional work isn't that great, it's not some really original story that you have never seen before but it is enough to keep you entertained and to make you eager to watch more.
It's a typical teenage drama about who you really are and who really understands you that kind of story, so despite the merman in this series there is nothing supernatural to find here. It's a really slow paced romance setting where Person A meets Person B and must realize that there are feelings for the other person that are more important and stronger than friendship.

Art 9/10

The art style is surprisingly well.I can't really compare it to other art styles but it looks really glossy and shiny and full of vibrant colours.
On top of that everything has patterns in it, so it looks a bit like overdone fanart but I like it ;)

Sound 7/10

The sounds not bad nor is it that memorable but it fits the atmosphere quite well.

Character 7/10

The main character reminds me a bit of Haruka Nanase from Free!, because of his similar attitude and looks.
He gets a bit of character development and most of the screentime whereas the merman doesn't really has a well written character but nonetheless his character is likeable and fits in the plot well.

Enjoyment 10/10

Yeah some of you will say that it's exaggerated to give a 10 here but it's how I feel about this anime.
The story is told in a perfect pace with nice art and loveable characters, there is a dramatic climax and a cute ending.

So overall I'll it's a 9.0 score for me :)