Oct 15, 2014
Kynov (All reviews)
Did you know Sakamoto-kun? The most flawless characters ever? No?

Sakamoto-kun is one of the comedy manga that combines with realistic art and random story. However, thats what make this manga is more entertaining than it should be.

Random comedy story and overpowered or rather should be said "flawless" main character is what makes this manga is fun to read. The story is rather simple, its about our hero and saviour, Sakamoto-kun who encounters problem in the daily life and how he solve it with a "fancy" way. Like what did you do if you see a fire who would burn you up? find a water? what if there wasnt any water around? For our lord and saviour, Sakamoto. He would use his sweat to extinguished it. How? because he is a saviour! duh.

Sakamoto is pretty much our focus attention and this person what makes this manga is more interesting. He is ABSOLUTELY perfect and flawless guy, there is many way to describe this guy, handsome, smart, great, admirable, flawless, uke, super, cool, etc(put any good aspects in here). He is a guy who would turn you into a gay if you're a man and ended up in love and wanna married him right awat if you're a girl. Thats how badass Sakamoto is.

How is the art in this manga? Well, its certainly good and how Sano Nami draw realistically in this manga is really suitable with the story and the gag. Though this manga art is probably not-for-all and sometimes it could be weird for some readers. but Who cares? As long as there is Sakamoto in there, this manga is ABSOLUTELY perfect. Forget about the art and lets keep talking about Sakamoto.

The other characters that appears in this manga is nothing really tobe noticeable, they already sink with the mighty of Sakamoto.

In the end, This manga is one of comedy manga that you must read if you're looking for fun and comedy manga that would make you laugh hard, this is the one that i would like to recommend.