Oct 13, 2014
TheShikiMaSTER (All reviews)
''You'll spill no saiyan blood today'' - Vegeta

This is again the same movie like the last movie Cooler's Revenge except with one exception. This is the first debut film of Vegeta in the countless movies of this franchise as well as taking place on
new planet Namek.

Now for the most part the action is really good but it does suffer from a rather ridiculous explanation on cooler's survival and why is it that cooler feels the need to take over planet namek is something that sounds so far-fetched to even begin with.
From the start of this movie you have apparently a planetary size star known as the Big Gete star which somehow revived cooler from the sun
giving cooler a an entirely new form in a mechanised body even more powerful than before. All and all this was very stupidly written indeed.

Whats more cooler has gain the power of controlling a host of mechanical machinery as well as creating an absurd army amount of metallic clones of
himself like he is Ultron from the avengers or something, he has a body that is very durable upon powerful impact and can also use a lock on system, Goku's Instant transmission SOMEHOW even though we are not informed how that is even possible, He can repair his entire body from scratch from the big gete star system that detects any sign of damage on himself and he uses very fast artificial Regeneration like he is Tetsuo Shima from the anime Akira.

Yeah I think you get the point he is pretty much more ridiculously haxed than before! Not even both super saiyan goku and vegeta could match him.

Aside from that, we have other characters in the film joining goku and vegeta such as the usual kid gohan, krillin, piccolo but surprisingly also Yajirobe and Master Roshi who only offer the comedic moments but its nice to see master roshi as always but I definitely cannot stand that pig oolong for one second.

The animation was ok and music just wasn't really anything that good.

This movie I felt had a pretty rushed ending for the most part and the dumb thing is I dunno why I didn't mind it.

The only things I enjoyed were the fights and the fact that vegeta made his debut which is cool but all in all this film is just average like other films of the Dragon ball franchise I felt the weaker films were bio Broly, Lord Slug and curse of the blood rubies AAaahhHH
I cringe whenever I hear those names.

P.S I swear saying the Big Gete star almost sounds like I'm saying the spaghetti star which sounds weird to me for no reason.