Oct 12, 2014
CecaniahCorabele (All reviews)
Love Live! School Idol Project 2nd Season

Love Live! have a simple story, it tells us about 9 girls that competing in a School Idol Competition. Well, if we look deeply to the main idea of the story, Love Live does not have an originality. Although not having an originality, the story is full of excitement, the plot have a great balance between the main story and the fillers.

As for the art, we have a clear and beautiful animation, despite having a CG during dancing and stage performing, Love Live! have a well-produced animation.

What can I say about the sound? Is wonderful in my opinion, the seiyuu did an excellent job to bring such character to the screen, everyone have a decent voice and brings uniqueness to the characters. The songs in the series are very good indeed.

With a slice of life genre in hands, a development is the strongest body of this anime.
Each character has their own story/ problem, it makes the developments successfully makes a deep character. Each of them has a unique personality itself.

Besides that, Love Live is not for everyone, the main attraction of the series is aimed to the male audience. Some of the female viewers maybe not really enjoy the series, there are also people that don't like idols founds out Love Live not interesting. As for myself, I enjoy the series although not fully enjoying it. It is fully recommended to those who seeks an idol genre.