Oct 11, 2014
Lydiia (All reviews)
I thought I'd write a review to express why I don't really like Golden Time, even though I usually love any romance anime with even the lowest decency of love relationships in it. Maybe it was the amnesia part of the anime that really annoyed me, because I hate it so much when someone forgets something about their love, it just bugs me! Or maybe it was the annoying-level of the characters. Or maybe it was because it was dull, with no funny comedy to add onto the no-chemistry-between-the-characters romance. Or maybe it's because I'm just being mean to the anime, but whatever the case is, I wouldn't recommend Golden Time to other people, even if you really love romance. Looking back at it now, I don't even know why I watched it all the way through, probably to see if it could get better or worse. Certainly it was interesting to me to see a romance anime not take place in high school, but in a university. But that interest quickly died away after a couple episodes.

Story: It's about a college boy named Tada Banri and his journey into falling in love, and remembering who his love was from before getting the love-story cliche, amnesia. Really, nothing special or unique about this show either than it taking place at a university.

Art: Typical 2014 art, high quality I guess. Art is something that I don't know how to rate. Golden Time certainly doesn't have any sort of bad art, but nothing special either.

Sound: This is really rare of me to rate the sound section of an anime so lowly, but there's good reason for that. I didn't like either of the 2 openings, they both were barely even songs, they were just someone muttering baby-like words to no end. There were no mention-worthy soundtracks either, and in fact thinking back, I don't even remember a single decent tune throughout the entire anime. And most of all, the character's voices, especially Kouko's were annoying (except for Oka Chinami, who had the most adorable voice ever!!). Every time Kouko yelled out "Banriiiii", my ears begged me to scratch nails on a chalkboard in order to find relief.

Characters: Really weak set of characters in my opinion. I couldn't feel any sort of attachment or liking for any of the characters, except for maybe the adorable Oka Chinami who barely gets any screentime. Tada Banri, the main character is one of those weak, innocent, and be-nice-to-everyone boys. And he gets paired up with Kouko, a rich and beautiful girl who is somehow ostracized by society, because other people are too embarrassed to actually talk to her (like really?). Then there's the other two main characters Nana Hayashida, Mitsuo Nanagisawa, and Oka Chinami. And wouldn't you know it, the character's don't develop what-so-ever, and quickly the entire plot of Golden Time moves away from it's set plot, and just roams around wherever. A compliment that I have to give to Golden Time is that, I did like how all the characters were seemingly realistic, and had a specific personality to their character. But, I didn't like the chemistry between the characters, I could never find myself rooting for the characters to fall in love already like I usually do in a romance anime.

Enjoyment: I didn't really enjoy Golden Time all that much. Definitely an anime that could have been better with a few adjustments like staying on the right romance plot, getting rid of the whole pointless amnesia thing that seemed like it would play a big role in the story but never did, actually develop the character and their chemistry with one another to make the whole story more romantic, and add some sort of comedy or fun to grasp the viewer's attention. I wouldn't really recommend people to prioritize this show on their to-watch-list, but I wouldn't say that this anime is horrid either... I guess bit disappointing and below average describes Golden Time. Sorry for being kind of mean to Golden Time!