Oct 10, 2014
Lydiia (All reviews)
I figured that I should write my first review with one of my favorite stories I've ever seen/read. Romeo x Juliet is one of the most romantic and tragic anime ever because it's derived from Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, duh. But the anime's story is a little bit different than Shakespeare's, with the addition of mythical creatures and magic to add even more drama into an already dramatic story.

Story: The love story between Romeo Candorebanto Montague and Juliet Fiammata Asto Capulet. But instead of their parents being enemies and forbidding their love, the Montague family killed the entire Capulet family, except for Juliet who grows up to be the people's hero of justice, "Red Whirlwind". Meanwhile, the Montague family is a tyranny, and cruel to the people, therefore making them Juliet's opponent. And in the midst of a rebellion, Romeo and Juliet's destinies cross, and the all so romantic and tragic love story between Romeo and Juliet begins. I loved the anime version as much as I did the original play, and I LOVED the original play! There were moments... No, the entire anime was tugging at my feelings, there were many scenes where I couldn't help but cry soo much!!

Art: The art was the same as your typical anime made around 2007, not clear and beautiful, but a more realistic looking art. The characters were designed just the way I had imagined them when I read Romeo and Juliet. I loved the quiet symbolism of poison, roses and beautiful angelic wings.

Sound: This was amazing! Romeo and Juliet had the perfect voice cast for them! The music certainly made all the sad moments in Romeo and Juliet even sadder! The song, "You Raise Me Up" was beautiful and tear-jerking! Oh my goodness when it played at the end of the anime, I cried soo much!!

Character: A large variety of characters that could have been developed a bit more, or gotten a bit more screen time. But, there's my 2 favorites characters Romeo and Juliet, and that is enough for me. The romance and tragic level between Romeo and Juliet destroys my heart everytime I watch/read about them.

Enjoyment: I enjoyed it so much, and I cried so much watching this anime. The anime isn't the same as the Shakespeare play. Romeo x Juliet has more mythical creatures and overdramatic sad scenes that grasps the attention of the audience more than Shakespeare's original play. Romeo x Juliet is definitely one of the greatest romance stories ever, and one of my favorite stories ever! Everyone must watch or read Romeo x Juliet!