Oct 7, 2014
HaiiroTama (All reviews)
This is the best bad anime I've seen in a while. It isn't good. It doesn't really stand out. Due to Momo Kyun Sword's rather shallow exterior and interior, there isn't really a good way to write a long review about it without some filler. Therefore, I'm going to keep this review short. But I'm going to try to recommend that you watch it, despite the low score that I think it deserves.

Here's the story: Follow Momoko, her boobs, and her 3 animal friends as they travel Japan, meeting more boobs and changing costumes along the way. Beware of predictable plot twists and cliches.

The art is colorful, but isn't all that special. Everyone's shoulders and cleavage and various other body parts are blushing at almost all times, unless they are male and are therefore not sexual objects. But who cares about them, right?

The music confuses me, it's usually generic and more annoying than not, but then sometimes I can almost dig it. I was left with a feeling of vague satisfaction coupled with deep disappointment in the sounds in this anime.

Every character falls into some archetype and doesn't expand on it or do anything out of the ordinary. Onihime was my favorite. That's really all I can say here.

Enjoyment: Well, I enjoyed this. I'll explain why, but that's where this review kind of gets long, so if you want to leave off here, just know that it's possible to revel in Momo Kyun Sword's lack of substance, but that doesn't at all make it a "good" anime. It is inherently bad, as (hopefully) evidenced by my brief description of everything about it above. I didn't really leave anything out, I think I've described the entire anime in this review.

Anyway, here's where my "short" review ends, and my "long" analysis of why I enjoyed this anime despite its terrible-ness begins:

This is a very simple-minded anime made with a very simple-minded audience in mind. It doesn't look down on its viewers at all - it puts itself exactly on their level and celebrates the mediocrity. I assume that if you're going so far as to read a review about Momo Kyun Sword, you aren't the type of person it was intended for. So, in order to enjoy this anime, you need to exert some effort. There is no meeting halfway here. You won't be rewarded for your trouble with anything that is at all redeemable by the end of this story. No, for someone that enjoys thinking critically about anime, the only surefire way to make this worth your while is to go all in and lower yourself to the very standards it expects of its audience.

At least, that's what you have to do if you want to enjoy it and also rate it higher than a 3. I, however, enjoyed this anime without respecting it. It was risky though, I very easily could have hated it (still probably giving it a 3, but without the fond memories). All I had to do was start watching this anime, fully anticipating something underwhelming. I know that people say that you shouldn't watch this anime if you're wanting something deep, but I'm going to change this to "only watch this anime if you're wanting something shallow." It's not enough to know that this anime is bad, you have to WANT it to be bad. If you want this enough, you will be rewarded with exactly what you want, and therefore enjoy this anime!

But really, everyone needs a mediocre anime or two under their belt. Not necessarily to accentuate the better anime, although that's not a bad reason. I just kind of like to take a breather, to stay grounded in reality. If I throw in some bad anime along with the exceptional anime, I won't get bored with my favorite medium always meeting my expectations. But that may just be me.