Oct 4, 2014
literaturenerd (All reviews)

There are rare times when the anime is actually better than the original manga. This is NOT one of those times.

Plot: 3/10

Even the vastly superior Hellsing Ultimate had a VERY stupid plot and is not exactly a literary masterpiece. It is Count Dracula fighting Nazi vampires and an insane Catholic military force. The reason it is a great show is that it does NOT take itself seriously. It is balls to the wall action and insanity that is supposed to be so stupid its awesome. The writer and mangaka of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano, has never read a classic book in his life. He is an ex- electrical engineer that became a porn director. What he does well is entertain and give us ludicrous, adrenaline packed fun that no one else is offering. The first Hellsing tries to take itself WAY too seriously and fails for it. This is not masterpiece theater. This is Hellsing! We want to see Dracula kill half of Brazil fighting a Latino stereotype that throws explosive playing cards at people! That is the kind of insane shit that I want to watch!

Characters: 7/10

Although Alucard and Seras are captured fairly well before the filler bullshit starts, the extra characters like Incognito are god awful. Incognito is the one thing that a Hellsing character should never be, he is BORING! Ultimate gives us amazingly ridiculous like Zee Major, Schroedinger, Zorin Blitz, The Dandy Man, Rip Van Winkle. All of those characters were fun as hell and I enjoyed every minute they were on screen! I could never say the same for Incognito!

Soundtrack: 5/10

Where the HELL is my Karl Maria Von Webber!? Where is Englandlied!? Fuck this weak sauce!

Art: 5/10

The budget for the original Hellsing is much lower and looks quite ugly in comparison to Ultimate. If Ultimate never existed then I would say the art is ok for 2002. I wouldn't say it is great, but rather ok.

Enjoyment: 5/10

I had to force myself to actually finish this one. In Ultimate I was on the edge of my seat and was deeply saddened when it finally ended. Ultimate was a pure 10/10 in terms of fun. This is very meh.

Overall: 5/10

If Hellsing Ultimate didn't exist, then this would be a very average anime. It wouldn't be a great anime or a true classic, but it would be ok. That is why I am giving it a fairly high 5/10 rating. I am trying to look at it by itself and not in comparison to Ultimate. Otherwise I would probably give it a 3/10.