Sep 30, 2014
jkalyana (All reviews)
Not for kids. You guys have read the Synopsis. All the 4 stories comes down to choices that women make. They are really powerful stories. Each story presents a different perspective. This is a definite watch for adults with open mind.

Episode 1 fells like the woman made the wrong choice, but who was to say how the world would have been like of she made the other choice. We just make a choice and hope for the best, but those choices are bound by our desires, like money, status, respect among everybody or a nice man with whom one might not have a rich life as per society's standards but definitely a rich life as a small good happy family. She couldn't decide, went for a social richness and somehow everything just falls apart. She tries to come back, but sees the other road is no longer open. She makes decisions again, smiles, lies and sitting at the river of her hometown she sees she is now left alone only with her little kid, alone at the place where it all started, a place which held possibilities, but which now only seems like a faded dawn, yet she smiles.

Episode 2 might be only one with perfect positive ending. A married woman who has always been told to do thing, parents, husband, in-laws and even her younger sister. A woman who always takes care of her responsibilities, but is never appreciated by anyone. She finds someone, whom she feels is a nice man and wants to be with him. Running away, living with the person she finally loves she comes to the realization of why she loves him, why she needs him. In the end everything works out well for her with an event where she thinks that the husband she ran away from might not be as bad as she thought, or rather she might be worse but everything coming to closure as she looks forward to the new life with her lover, who above all appreciates her.

Episode 3 shows the crisis of a 40 year old unmarried woman, who wants to have a happy life. Her excited school reunion with her middle school crush turns out a scam, she just laughs it off. True it might not be anything dramatic, rather something to just laugh and walk on, she again realizes she still has no person to share her life with.

Episode 4, might get some people down. A 43 year old housewife who takes care of entire family, even works part time at night when her husband loses job, is unappreciated by everyone. A son who says he hates to have dinner with his family, a daughter who doesn't come home, a mother who just keeps makes her life worse, a guy who tries to hit on her. When her relationship with her daughter turns somewhat sour how she comes back to take things, if not much, slightly in control to realize that she is not just living for others she has or rather will live for herself as well.