Jun 30, 2009
wesley96 (All reviews)
Please Twins has to be one of the most controversial comedy-romance harem (or love triangles) that has ever been talked about. Please Twins has been throughout either you love it or hate it. And on a side note, you do not HAVE to watch Please Teacher to watch this (even though it does help out with characters that have a supporting role [Ex.: Mizuho and Ichigo]). I would suggest to watch Please Teacher first, but if you don't want to it's not going to kill anyone.

Story- Basically the story is about a young man named Maiku Kamishiro, who's mother left him as a child and was sent to an orphanage. The mother left him with a picture of Maiku in a pool with someone else with him, supposedly his sister. Though he is curious he moves on with his life and goes to school and works as a computer programmer. Later on, a young girl named Miina Miyafuji comes to the house the picture is (where supposedly Maiku leaves the orphanage to live in that house) and tells Maiku that he is his sister. They both have the same picture of them in the pool and they both have the uncommon hazel eyes, so it is thought that they could be siblings. Later that night, another girl comes to the house, Karen Onodera, who also has the same picture and the hazel eyes as well. Basically it comes down to one of them being his sibling, and one of them being a stranger. Later as the series progresses, Miina and Karen both fall in love with Maiku, so now when they find out who is the sibling only one of them can have a relationship with him.

The story is unique, but what annoyed me is that somehow it's a "coincidence" that Karen and Miina meet Maiku the same day. It's like what happens in other romance animes, so it really was average to the start. What else annoyed me is that every episode the whole "one of us is a sibling and one is a stranger" is brought up EVERY episode and it becomes annoying like you don't want to hear about it. What else turns people completely off about this series is that since both Miina and Karen are in love with Maiku, there is an incest coupling. When I watched it it really never mattered seeing how they're sort of strangers, so I can't blame them. If you're creeped out by this, you shouldn't watch the show. I thought the story could've brought more than it did. Please Teacher did a great job than what I expected, so I wanted more.

The art itself was pretty decent in my opinion, and I do believe the ending theme's animation was really good. Seeing how Please Teacher's art was good and now after they have more money to spend, the animation budget would be bigger and the art did not disappoint.

I do believe that the opening and ending themes were really good, and the score for the show was really good, too. KOTOKO did great on making the lyrics and the performance was really done well. If you want to know which one's better, personally I would say the ending theme is.

Most of the characters in the series were average, and none of them except one stood out. I'm glad Maiku isn't a pansy and anything that happens doesn't make him go all hay-wired insane and perverted like most male harem leads. Though I must say I'm not a fan the the smart, silent type. Miina, in my opinion, is a slut. She goes after Maiku about everything. There are other things later on, but I won't spoil. Karen is cute, but even so she is really shy and seeing how if anything that suprises her makes her faint, and I do find that annoying. It was nice to see some of the characters in Please Twins make a comeback role in the series. Mizuho was great but more light-headed than before and makes her seem more stupid. The only character that I thought was good was Ichigo. Seeing how she wasn't really active in Please Twins and her making a comeback and shows she actually is a good character definitely made Please Twins more enjoyable.

You can't like a series unless you enjoy it, and I think the only reason that I kept on watching and ending up liking Pleases Twins was because I enjoyed it. The romance made you think how it would turn out which kept you hooked and ready for the next episode. The comedy in the show is way better than Please Teacher had, so the show definitely has its laughs.

Thinking about Please Twins, the show definitely had its flaws, but if you don't think about the flaws that much you might end up enjoying it. This show has its fans and its haters, and both really fight about if the show is good or not and why. This show is for sure either a hit or a miss. If you don't think about its flaws too much, it is a hit. If you keep the flaws all in your mind, it will be a miss. Hopefully you check out this series because I thought it was decent. Thank you for reading.