Sep 26, 2014
greenroses (All reviews)
I hardly write reviews and I hardly ever give away a score of 9 unless it's really really well deserved, so I feel like I need to justify this since the storyline is not necessarily original.

At first glance, the story may seems disjointed since chapters don't necessarily connect or follow each other, and that's because chapters are like a snippet of Kazushi and Izumi's life together.

But as the story progressed things are revealed bit by bit... their beginnings, the in-between and how they are now: all their experiences... the good, the bad and the sweet slice of life shorts.

And again, nothing we haven't seen before, but what did it for me is the style in which it was written - the snippets.

I think the author did a great job of instead of doing one long continuous story at a fixed moment in time, the author focused on the bits and pieces that made/showed them who they are, their motivation, the small gradual changes, and how they ended up to where they did... just the important bits spanning over time... and when it's all over... it's sweet.