Sep 25, 2014
Ilse (All reviews)
Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is a good light romantic and little comedy themed anime. The story is very unoriginal, stereotypical and blatant. Nonetheless it's a good romance anime that people can enjoy watching, get a good giggle out of, and feel happy about. Of course, I love almost all romance anime, so if you don't like romance anime, then this anime probably isn't going to be that appealing to you.

Anyways, the plot is very simple. It's about a high school freshman, Kazunari Usa who movies into a boarding house and it turns out that the love of his life, Ritsu Kawai is living there too. The story focuses on the development of the relationship between these two. Basically Ritsu loves books (a little too much), and is easily bothered/annoyed with other people, especially those that talk too much. She really doesn't show any kind of emotion towards other people, and doesn't show any sign of "love" towards Usa. Usa basically tries everything he has to get Ritsu to notice him, but sort of fails due to his shyness. But that's where the other fun characters who also live in the same boarding complex come into play! Mayumi Nishikino, a psychopathic, lazy, inappropriate, and drunk lady who loves to make fun of Usa for liking Ritsu, says mean things in front to Usa, but in the bigger picture, is always helping/protecting Usa. Then there's Shirosaki, a perverted masochist, whom I always pictured as a godlike figure in the anime, hehe. That's because although he acts dumb and useless, he's actually quite perceptive and awfully helpful in many ways. And last but not least, Sayaka Watanabe, a "pretty" girl who is actually a slut. Pretty funny character though, especially her relationship to Mayumi. All the side characters add excitement, comedy, and enjoyment to the whole, rather slow love relationship between Usa & Ritsu.

The art in music in the anime were mediocre, nothing that stands out particularly. But the opening was nice to listen to; I watched/listened to the opening every episode. The voicing didn't disappoint either, each character's voice fit their personalities. The art was very lively and colorful. Very beautiful city, with beautifully drawn characters, I loved Usa and Ritsu's green hair ^o^!

If you like romance comedies, then this anime is one that you might want to check out. I really enjoyed it despite it's obvious, unoriginal plot. Kind of a relaxing anime, that isn't very serious, and there's absolutely nothing scary or confusing about the anime. Such a cute and sort of innocent anime!