Sep 25, 2014
SevenKnights (All reviews)

I haven't written a review in years and for good reason. I didn't have to review them. The shows I watched I enjoyed. No need to tell others the ups and downs because I believed everything was an Up.

Now this show... It started off good. Likable characters (*cough*Yanagi*cough*), interesting scenario of a girl who sees "fragments of the future and a drifter who can also take part in this phenomenon with her)

As the story progressed it went from "This is cool" to "What in god's name is going on?".

The story doesn't take a sudden turn and became some Drama filled mess, it literally spirals out of control. Nothing happens later on in the story. NOTHING. They literally wind up brushing off the entire phenomenon and the kid leaves.

Only good thing about watching this show is that it's now completed. Now you can marathon the show in a few hours and then say you wasted a few hours of your time. I spent weeks wasting my time watching this show.

If only Yanagi was the main heroine...