Jun 27, 2009
Skadi (All reviews)
For me watching Kemeko DX was about as pleasant as having urine sprayed into your eyes, and about as funny. It’s supposed to be a random action-comedy that parodies other anime and pop culture. Despite featuring a cast of some of the industry’s top seiyuu talent, all this series manages to be is an uninspired, mean-spirited, and unfunny waste of one’s life.

Kemeko DX's premise is convoluted and slightly original in its presentation. A typical boring male protagonist and high school student (shocking huh?) Sanpeita finds himself with a sudden bride; a violent, scantily clad unnamed girl who pilots a chibi-fied combat robot named Kemeko. She claims she loves him, I mean who wouldn’t he’s such an interesting guy (That’s sarcasm BTW), and she must protect him from the evil Mishima corporation whose building dominates the towns skyline. What they want with him and what it actually means is poorly explained and unresolved by the end of the series. I am unsure if this means that a future season is coming to complete the story or if this is just another typical harem-comedy shitty ending. I mean they are almost synonymous with one another.

The series humor is random and spastic and it’s not meant to be taken seriously. So I wasn’t going into this expecting a deep story and complex characters. But I do expect a comedy to be funny. Kemeko DX uses mostly physical humor, sexual innuendos, and boobs to drive its comedy. The problem is it’s just not funny to anyone with any degree of sophistication. A typical episode involves one of the many girls angst over wanting to be in love with the bland lead and him getting his ass kicked by them or Kemeko, even though he’s done nothing wrong. In that sense the cruel violent humor reminds me of shows like Punie-chan and Dokuro-chan. I know the target audience of this show has to be teenage boys, and I just don’t understand why, beyond the fan service, a guy would like this sort of thing. Do guys really want to be around these crude annoying girls?

The most pathetic aspect of the series is definitely the characters. The lead Sanpeita is so ordinary and uninspired that he is completely uninteresting and the viewer will feel nothing for him one way or another. The most exasperating part of his character is why the hell he puts up with all of these mean girls who are constantly hurting him or making his life hell. At the top of the list is Kemeko/M.M. who claims to love him and wants to be his bride. Besides being very moe and cute when she’s out of her ugly robot she is totally unlikable. The rest of the cast is full of cute girls with mostly gravity and physics defying breasts and body measurements. They are all bitches. Seriously, even the most violent feminist bone in my body doesn’t have any sympathy for any of these airheads. Except one, kind of, and that’s Izumi. She was the only character who I felt any genuine feelings for because I knew how things were going to end for her. She’s the only member of the cast who you feel actually cares for the guy and is not a complete bitch. Of course we know how the childhood friend of the lead usually plays out romantically in these kinds of stories when up against aliens or mystery girls.

Animation and art is also bad. While the girls are cute and the action is pretty well delivered I can’t get past the tremendously ugly male characters. I mean what is up with that. They don’t even look like they are from the same art team when you compare them to the female cast. It’s like the art team had so much money in their budget for development costs and clearly decided the best course of action would be to put 99% of that money into the girls and boob physics. Sanpeita looks like he’s 10 and even the colors and detail of his character seem to only point out how dull and lifeless he is. I am also so tired of the same boring spiky hairdos. Get some new ideas already Japan.

Music and acting is mixed. As I mentioned at the beginning, Kemeko DX features a stellar voice cast and their performances are all pretty good. Unfortunately the material they were given to work with is bad, and no matter how talented you are you can’t turn this steaming pile of turds into a chocolate cake. The music kind of fits the random and silly themes but I didn’t particularly like any of them. The OP theme grows on you a little though.

I found very little enjoyment out of watching this show. For a comedy there were very few moments I felt the need to smile much less laugh out loud. I did feel something once during my viewing but later realized it was only because I was sitting on my remote control. My suggestion is that everyone avoids this series like you would a venereal disease.