Sep 24, 2014
Schizoidmouse (All reviews)
A lot of the time, mass media and corporations often exploit one thing in particular. The human libido is a powerful instinct, one which at times could override certain thought processes. We’ve seen it everywhere in the media today, as they try to “sex up” their products or television shows. While at times we all can agree this is okay, since we live in a society where such instincts can run wild at times and even profited off of. The problem with overusing such tactics, is that it could possibly turn off viewers completely. That is what happened with the anime, Momo Kyun Sword.

Momo Kyun Sword has many possible genres, but is covered by the umbrella which is the Ecchi genre. Its overuse of boobs and the like is at times just too laughable. Not one episode, but multiple ones are dedicated to pure fan service; even when they are trying to progress the plot at times and be serious they overuse the fan service that comes from every female in this anime. That being said, the story does show some potential.

This world is inhabited by three factions: the humans, the Oni, and the Celestial Maidens. The Oni are considered the evil ones by the other two factions and often cause disruptions for the humans to which the Celestial Maidens need to help with. While this may be the way of life, it all changes with the discovery of the Michimi Peach. This is the power that is said to be the end all power of the world. That is where the story of our large-breasted heroine Momoko comes in as she tries to gather all the pieces. This part is never explained well and will never be explained. A lot of this plot is vague and seems to be just a weaker version of Inuyasha’s plot with more boobs. The pacing always takes a while since they need to add in as many jokes about boobs and panties into everything. At the beginning it’s funny, but then you begin to realize very soon that this is what the anime is in a nutshell. The story will always be sidelined for the fan service and won’t develop as much except for rare scene. The main reason as to why the story falls short is purely because of the characters.

Every male character is a pervert in this except for the occasional few, and every female character is always exploited. This is the common tether that holds this anime together. That being said, some characters break from their one-dimensional mold. This often is in the form of a fetish. Momoko and Onihime at times break apart from the obvious ecchi fanservice that the anime is going for and evolve in a sense. Momoko learns more and more about who she is and we see her develop more of an understanding as to why she fights. The same goes for Onihime, the princess of the Oni if the name wasn’t as obvious. That being said while a lot of the characters try to be serious at times, their character personalities and designs are only used for cheap ecchi and bad sexual comedy. Even in the end a lot of characters give you the feeling of “Why were you here in the first place?” which should never happen in a successful anime to supporting characters.

The blush…on every female character to accent their skin is just an eyesore. Its overuse almost makes them look like Oompa Loompas at times at its just not appealing. Every female character has one of two designs: their boobs are huge in order for fanservice, or their boobs are small for a cheap joke. This being said the designs beside the overly sexualized points are interesting, but again some are just clothed to attract certain “looks” and for certain fetishes. The animation itself was fluid and not half bad, until they take away from that in order to show a breast, or a butt. The camera shots were everywhere and you knew where its obvious priority was.

The obvious shortcomings travelled from animation to sound as this is where it is the most grating. The ending song was sung horribly especially near the end, while the opening song wasn’t half bad. Some of the OST was alright, but repetitive. The truly horrible part of the sound was the voice acting. Sure, you can argue some do a pretty good job, while others are just given lines because their character is in the scene. The amount of yelling, moaning, and just overall guttural sounds just took away from the whole experience. I mean sure, it is meant to enhance the over sexualized nature of the show, but still this was not the anime to start off with in your career to show your depth.

This experience has been a true downhill ride. While the premise was good, it would’ve been good if they kept it up. Sadly everything goes horribly even in the end as far as plot development. The character designs were interesting but flawed as well as the characters themselves with a few exceptions. The sound just couldn’t hold up and often faded to the background or rose to the foreground for some yells. I did not enjoy a single moment of this ride and surely will never buy a ticket ever again.

Story: 2.4
Character: 1.3
Animation: 1.9
Sound: 1
Enjoyment: 1.2
Overall: 1.5