Jun 26, 2009
titanguy654 (All reviews)
Story: 10

This is classic. The entirety of this manga seems to almost be a parody of it's parent story, "Mirai Nikki".That being said, you probably don't want to read this until you've gotten pretty far into the original. However, in this version of the amazing story is changed immediately at the beginning.

Art: 7

It's good, but nothing much has changed. It's all the same art and models from Mirai Niki, so if you liked that, the art won't throw you off to this manga.

Characters: 8

I know, I know, The real Yuno is nowhere to be seen, but it's a small price to pay for taking out Yuki for a smart, badass main character like Akise Riku, right? O.K, so Yuno was (arguably) the best part of the original manga, I think you will come to accept Riku as an awesome replacement for the both of them. Also, if you like Murumuru in Mirai Nikki and you think she didn't get enough screen time, then this is for you!

Enjoyment: 9
I REALLY like this alternate world. It's funny, intense, and all around awesome, missing nothing but Yuno. If you are a fan of the original, you'll find the way it parodies itself to be incredibly funny. On the other hand, if you have never read the original and are for some reason reading this, you'll find yourself scratching your head, saying "Huh?" This is a very enjoyable side story to a great manga.

Overall: 9
In one word: Yes.