Sep 21, 2014
Asfaria (All reviews)
DRAMAtical Murder is an anime adapted from a BL visual novel originally created by the company Nitro+ who also made things like Steins;Gate and Chaos Head. Similarly to those and other stories done by Nitro+, it has a very sci-fi and futuristic feeling to it. And despite the original material involving gay rape sex scenes (though I haven't played the original game so I can't compare them more than this), this is tuned down to a PG-13 rating which never delves farther in the shounen-ai element than a simple kiss and gay sexual innuendos galore.

DMMd begins with Seragaki Aoba, a man of around 20 years old. The story is told from his perspective as he meets different people, both ones he already knew and strangers. He begins to discover something big going on in his city involving gangs, a digital game called "Rhyme," and some of the people around him. Aoba, of course, is also strongly involved in this growing plot whether he knows it or not at first. The initial setup is basically your typical VN setup where you follow the protagonist as you meet the other important and not so important characters.

One of the biggest problems I had with DMMd is just how poorly timed its twists and reveals are. Aoba knows almost nothing that is going on about the main story at first or much that happened prior to Episode 1. Unfortunately, it takes almost half of the 12 episodes for the show to actually give you any idea what is going to happen. And that first half is incredibly boring since all it does is introduce you to some characters who really aren't all that likable. When they do finally reveal the real intent of the plot, it is very predictable and generic. This show is chock full of generic tropes.

As for the characters, they could not be less interesting if they tried. Clear is the only character I ever cared about in the slightest (he's a great singer imo) but even still the show developed him and everyone else very poorly. Everything from Aoba's character design (his huge sweatshirt is just disgusting to look at for 12 episodes) to the typical personalities of all the other main characters just made for an extremely boring and annoying cast. Aoba is your typical main lead who doesn't want to hurt anyone and is just lead through the story by everyone else. Koujaku is his best friend who sticks with him through thick and thin despite not really mattering at all in the story. Clear is the mysterious, strange one who also ends up a little unimportant in the story. Noiz is a hacker who's quiet and arrogant. And Mink is really only important towards the end with almost no personality or development to his character. The villains are one dimensional as are most of the small amount of side characters making for one of the worst character casts I've seen in an anime.

The art is noticeably cheap. The budget seems to be low from the start, you just kind of have to laugh at how rushed episode 3 was, and aside from some nice climactic scenes in the last couple episodes, the entire show just looks terrible. Aside from Aoba's design the other main characters do have pretty good and unique designs. The one aspect of DMMd that wasn't terrible was the soundtrack. Though it didn't stand out at all early on, the later episodes towards the climax of the show really added some great rock tracks that really improved some scenes. Still, this was only apparent towards the end and for much of the show, there is a noticeable lack of any background music. While this can work in some shows, with its futuristic setting DMMd felt very empty because of it.

This show just has almost nothing to offer. A bad character cast, animation that is so terrible you can see the individual frames used in most running sequences, a decent soundtrack that needed its better tracks to be used more often, and a generic and silly story full of terrible gay sexual innuendos. One of the worst shows I've seen in a while, I certainly don't recommend this show.