Sep 20, 2014
If you're looking for an anime with romance and relationships, this isn't what you're looking for. If you're looking for an anime with endless hilarity and gags that runs off love and romance, this is what you're looking for. This anime thrives off misjudgments and the characters.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is an anime thats been the laughing central of this summer. With the theme of manga-artists becoming more popular lately such as, Manga-ka to assistant-san or mangirl ,it's becoming much more attractive and interesting to watch. This is a gem that's becoming popular due to its laughable characters and misinterpretations that occur all the time.

The story follows Sakura, a girl who tries to tell her crush that she likes him, but gets misinterpreted and ends up becoming his assistant. She often tries to get closer to him, but always gets misjudged and makes for some hilarious comedy. The story follows their life at school along with some other cast members to make the show enjoyable and a lot more entertaining to watch as a whole. With the running gag of it being comedy, some things may seem predictable, but it still stays original and has comedy in every episoded.

The characters are all really unique in their own way and is the strongest part of the show. With all the different characters you get hilarious situations that really makes the show stand out from the rest that's airing and one that takes comedy to the next level with their personalities.

You have Sakura, a girl who tries often to get close to her crush, but is always misinterpreted. She's a great person who makes the show better with her retorts and delusions that she thinks is going to happen, but the exact opposite happens. Over time she develops a bond with Nozaki and really makes for some friendship and gave a light feeling to make you smile at every scene.

Second you have Nozaki, a manga artist and one that people often misjudge. Since he stays up to draw and produce manga, he looks like he gets into fights, but really is only just aches and pains from the constant drawing and late nights. He's oblivious to Sakura's feelings and really makes up for some hilarious reactions that he gives to what he thinks she's doing.

The art style is nothing new to the 2014 style, yet brings out details that makes it better than some of the anime airing. With all the details in the characters clothes, to the beautiful scenery that they go through in their situations, it brings out a sense of comedy to support the bickering and the interactions between all the characters. With the art being one of the strong points, you have beautiful details in every aspect that they bring to the table. The characters all have unique features and traits that belong to them and wonderful backdrops such as the school, or just at their house.

The opening is nothing to be praised for, but is super catchy. The background music for this anime is one that supports the mood that the anime gives off perfectly. The opening and ending gives off the perfect feeling to start every episode and is one that I never skip. The voice actors are all really well and give the characters life to make the anime as enjoyable as possible. The voice actor for Sakura is relatively new to voice acting, but does a wonderful job portraying her character and is one of the best in the show.

Overall this anime is one of the best of Summer 2014 line up and is definitely worth watching. With it's wonderful characters and hilarious situations they get themselves into, this is one that brings out the comedy in the simplest things. You have the standard 2014 art style, yet it makes it better by adding details to make every quality shine and make it so everything stands out to the fullest. The OST is wonderful and support each scene perfectly and the opening is so catchy that you just can't help but enjoy listening to. I recommend anyone who didn't check this out yet to start watching it.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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