Jun 24, 2009
ParisainGoldfish (All reviews)
I would not normally write a review for a series like Queen's Blade, because I feel like it is not a series you need to read reviews on. It's either your cup of tea, or it isn't. However, reading through existent reviews, I feel like this show isn't getting the credit it deserves. Now, when people are saying this show is nothing more than giant boobs, bigger boobs, not clothes, and violence, they aren't kidding. This is pretty much as close to hentai as anime can get. However, I can't speak for everyone, but I can tell you I would certainly go insane if every show I watched was a mismatch of psychological jargon and plot development like Ergo Proxy or Boogiepop. Sometimes, you need a show like Queen's Blade or Ikkitousen, that has no plot at all. What it does have, is incredible art; studio ARMS has yet to fail me. Aside of Nitro+, they are probably the most polished studio out there right now. Queen's Blade is beautifully animated, and that said, the action sequences are pretty freaking awesome. Any action fans will be pleased with this. I haven't seen action scenes I enjoyed this much since I watched Karas. All said, Queen's Blade is great to watch if you don't really want to pay attention. It's pretty much plotless, but for something in this vein of anime, that is probably for the best.