Sep 17, 2014
VishNChips (All reviews)
Since my review for the first season of this show garnered rather positive results, I thought I may as well write one for the second season.

Where shall I begin?

...To be perfectly honest, there just isn't anywhere I possibly COULD begin. Shin Strange+ is simply stupid fun. There's no story, no nothing. It's just more of the same from the first season. From Takuma's hijinks to Kou's cluelessness, nothing much has changed. (Oh, and Rusty Nail makes her big return. Hurrah?)

[Story: 1] (again, would be a 0 but I can't do that)
As I said, there's nothing new from season one, aside from a couple new characters. Otherwise, it's the same cast of the first season who have returned with even more hilarity to boot.

[Art: 8]
Nothing special. Other than Takuma going noodleboobs on some kidnappers. Now THAT'S definitely special.

[Sound: 8]
Again, pretty much the usual. One thing to note - the outro is actually surprisingly catchy.

[Character: 5]
Psht, who needs character depth?
I'd say this is the only show which can possibly get away with veeery little characterization. I mean, I've seen miniseries with same-length episodes which have pulled off WAY more character development than Strange+. Shin Strange+ does very little to add to the characters from season 1 - except for making them even more random. And, as we all know from season 1 - randomness is something none of the characters lack even slightly. In all, however, I give the characters a 5 rather than a 1 or 2 just because of the pure hilarity of their various interactions.

[Enjoyment: 10]
My sides entered orbit so many times that they've gone and made their own space program.

[Overall: 8]
Same as season 1, a solid 8.

Coherency? Nah.
Story? Nah.
Plot? Well, I guess it depends on which way you wanna look at it.
A giant syringe stuck up a guy's ass? You betcha.

Wait. Wait. Waaaiiiiit. What?
A giant syringe in a guy's ass?

Yep, you read that right. Welcome to the world of Strange+; enjoy your wacky, wonderful, and undoubtedly hilarious stay!