Sep 16, 2014
zombiexhead (All reviews)
This manga is example of that writing a review before reading complete manga is a bad idea. To me, this manga is great, but i have one problem with it , at the beginning it's very good and interesting but near the end it's just mediocre and boring.

This is a martial arts manga with a little bit of romance and comedy. The story is about Kenichi Shirahama - a teenage kid who learns martial arts and being inspired by Miu Furinji to become stronger and be able to protect her. The story plot is great but later from good martial arts manga it becomes very dull battle manga, with very flashy fights and very pathos speeches which makes no sense at all. Same problem with characters. There are a lot of really memorable and interesting characters, but at the end author throws so many new characters which appears only in couple of frames, which makes them looks unnecessary in story.

Don't get me wrong, I think this is a really good manga. It is just a little bit disappointing to me how manga changed in long period of publishing. I still will recommend this to read, just don't expect to much from it.