Sep 10, 2014
SizzlingTear2 (All reviews)

Love stage is a Shounen-ai anime. Most of the male population really won't enjoy this but it's mostly for girls. The anime is really good and was enjoyable with Comedy, Romance, Drama etc...

Story -8

Story's pretty good. Izumi wants to become a manga artist. His family is in show biz and so they want him to enter the show biz world. Note that he is only in college. He is often mistaken for a girl because of his cute looks and such. Ryouma, our main male character number 2, mistook him for a girl when they had to do a commercial when they were young. After meeting 10 years later, Ryouma still has feelings, even after finding out Izumi was a guy. Izumi struggles to draw manga. It gets rejected and gets into despair. I really like Izumi's character development through out the show. He slowly realizes his feelings for Ryouma and gets into show biz in the end.

Art - 8

Art is beautiful but there were times were the art was iffy but it's good overall.

Sound 9

I love the OP and END. There both really amazing and also the background music

Character 9

Characters are great as well. A lot of development with Ryouma and Izumi. Shougo, Izumi's brother who is a musician, has some secret affair going on with Rei, the Sena family's manager. But no one really actually realizes it unless you really pay attention. Izumi's parents are side characters and so are his friends. Most characters get a development.

Enjoyment 10

It was really enjoyable. It made me laugh. There was some sexual moments and they were steamy. The drama is good and they left us some cliffhangers. Romance is beautiful as well. Though no one knows Izumi and Ryouma are gay hehe.

Overall this anime is great. If you're a yaoi lover than give it a watch, you'll love it. If you're a guy and watch Yaoi then I also recommend it. It's not as amazing compared to Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, but it's close. There isn't a lot of intimate scenes, maybe few. Unlike most of them that are M ;)

So give it a watch, and I'm sure you will like it, unless you hate Yaoi dont bother watching.