Sep 1, 2014
myronator (All reviews)
Usagi Drop is one of the best slice of life animes around. It depicts the relationship between a foster parent and daughter accurately while tellling an entertaining and in depth story. These four short specials complement the series, providing some extra content to fit in between some of the episodes.

At five minutes per special, there isn't much time given to develop an in-depth story. Instead, the focus of each special is on a certain event or moment in Rin's life, for example; leaf collecting. Each special manages to capture the essence of the parent series. While they're short, they're exactly what you would expect after watching Usagi Drop. Rin and Daikichi's relationship is still at the center of the show. The comedy is still there, but so are the beautiful touching moments that fans of Usagi Drop have grown used to seeing.

If you enjoyed the parent series, then these will please you. The visuals, soundtrack and voice acting are the same as before and the quality is just as high. The only negative is that there isn't any sign that there will be any future specials like these. After you finish the parent series, definitely watch these.