Jun 18, 2009
Sweetpea (All reviews)
I saw this manga at the bookstore, and was intrigued enough by the cover to pick up a volume to give it a try. I must say, it wasn't money wasted... just not put to the amount of enjoyment that I wanted. Don't get me wrong, this manga is definately a ten- if you're around eight years old. That is precisely the age group that this manga was written for.

The plot is typical for a young girl's manga- a bright, bubbly girl as the lead, and two boys competing for her heart. Knowing that it was for young girls didn't make the plotline more palatable- I still winced when it became clear very early on who her 'prince' was. The lead's boys are stereotypical, cookie-cutter leads for their roles. One is the bright, friendly, most-loved son oif the family and the other is an angry, argumentative 'black sheep', if they can be called that at their ages. And the Lead Girl? She can cook, and she's nice. Not terribly original- these same concepts have been put to use elsewhere with better results.

Given the legnth of the manga, you don't really get more of their personality. Of course, you also have the standard mean classmates, clueless school administrators, and the lead girl always showing them the light with her cooking. I must say, all the dishes she makes look delishious, but it still doesn't say much when that's the most memorable part of the story.

Do NOT make this the end-all of your manga experience. Use it as a chance to leap into better and better series. If you're looking for good manga that's similar, try Shugo Chara! and Beauty Pop, or if you're a bit older, Chibi Vampire , Ouran High School Host Club, or even Ah! My Goddess. Those do the same story, but with a twist each time and are classics in their own right.