Aug 30, 2014
ErenDidNthnWrong (All reviews)
What is a hentai? It is my belief that Hentai is the most brilliant, purest form of expression left in art. Hentai is a form of expression that doesn't tend to heed to societal norms or social pressures, making it a work of pure brilliance, compared to the politically correct and censored shows we're all used to seeing on daytime TV. Hentai is revolutionary to the world of art, so move over Ghibli, because the Rin x Sen and Ran -> Sem series is the Citizen Kane of animation, the true pinnacle of quality.

When people think of western pornography, they think of stupid stories that just set the mood for roleplay and intercourse, but that is not the case for Hentai. You see, Hentai tells stories with a deeper, more passionate meaning, stories that are censored and removed from TV for being too real for the audience to understand. Rin x Sen + Ran -> Sem: Cross Mix (Which I'll hereby refer to as RS, no relation to RuneScape) is the telling of an unfortunate group of individuals who were all indoctrinated into a cult for various reasons. RS is an animation that tries to re-tell the story of famous cults such as the Manson Family and Jonestown. Although one might not realize it at first, RS is a masterpiece of writing, written by the modern day philosophers of Greek. RS is a tale which cautions people to listen to their instincts when dealing with suspicious individuals. Although the characters all started off being suspicious of the cult members, they eventually let down their guard and trusted the cult when they began to pretend to help them, this is represented in the show through intercourse, where their alertness is represented by their clothes and trust is represented through the act of intercourse, normally only done with people you trust. The story of RS is an extremely deep tale, and I highly suggest you read up on the Manson Family and Jonestown so you have an idea of the complicated philosophies behind the show's story.

The show's art is absolutely perfect. It represents the women as regular people, just like the average cultist, however it shows their descent into madness and acceptance of the cult as the story progresses, much like what happens in real life. The men, the cultists, are depicted using a darker shade of skin, representing their shadowy personalities and implying darker intentions than what their persona show. The cultist leader was also a very large, and menacing figure through his personality and power, although he looked normal from the outside, much like cult leaders in reality. This dominating aura was represented through his genitals in RS, a very clever simile in my opinion.

The eerie, chanting background music and ending themes in the hentai did a great job reproducing the horror and hivemind that cults seem to share. In terms of the voice acting, the cultists did a really good job of sounding menacing, shifty, yet powerful. The startled and abused moans being turned into accepting, pleasing voices of the protagonist females does a great job of illustrating the mindset and breaking down of the mind of a person who enters a cult.

As I've stated many times before, the representations of the characters are spot on, and depict nearly perfectly the mindset of everyone involved from cultists and recruits to concerned family members. The artists did a great job of designing visually pleasing characters, my favorite being the short-haired sister, even if she was a petty piece of shit with NTR fantasies. The abuse of these characters with childish dreams of grandeur and heroic acts makes you feel really sorry and empathize with them quite easily.

Overall, Rin x Sen + Ran -> Sem: Cross Mix is a philosophical masterpiece that made me think as hard as it made my dick. Shows like this just prove why Hentai is the greatest art form to ever be told. This show is literally the descendant of classic, old hentai such as the Kama Sutra.