Aug 29, 2014
ImTheRhetorician (All reviews)
Before I begin, I want to say that i'm not basing this review on the movie itself, i'm basing it on what it did differently from the anime. The reason being that the two movies are identical to the anime itself and there are no drastic changes.

If you've watched Death Note you'd know it's a spectacular show, one of the best Anime's out there. The movies don't change that at all, if anything the movies further show how good the series is, as well as fixing some things for the better. If you haven't seen the series, i recommend watching it because it's well worth the time. These movies were made for the people I assume don't have time to watch all 37 episodes. However this show is great and should be watched all the way through, consider these movies more like OVA's for people who already completed the show.

That being said lets begin. Both movies are essentially recaps of the series' two story arcs. Episodes 1-25 are captured in the first movie (Visions of a God), and episodes 26-37 are told in the second movie (L's successors). I'll first say that there is not much new content here, if you've seen the series you're not gonna see anything major that you haven't already watched. Still, both movies are an entertaining time nonetheless.

Visions of a God doesn't do anything major. At times the story can feel a bit rushed but it does help in the sense of eliminating any parts that felt slow during the series itself. It does change a few scenes, one being the way L and Light Yagami first meet. This was done to shorten it, however It doesn't take away from the depth of the story which is good. At the end of the movie there is a scene that we did not see in the anime, and it was cool to see something new. The story itself is told from Ryuk (The Death God)'s POV, I do wish we saw a bit more monologue or we could hear what he was thinking more often during each event. Aside from some other minor tweaks there's not much else to talk about, if you've watched the series or at least the first arc you're really not missing much by skipping this. Regardless i'd recommend it to fans of the show anyway. While it isn't the perfect recap I liked watching it nonetheless and enjoyed myself.

The second movie is the standout in my opinion, improving the second arc that I honestly didn't care for that much in the regular show. In terms of change, L's successors changed much more than Visions of a God did. It didn't change the plot, more or less changed some ways it was told. The movie actually made me appreciate the second arc alot more. There are a couple of parts to the story that are left out, but personally I didn't mind and if you haven't seen the show I don't think you'd realize you're missing much. Anyway, the pacing of the story is alot better than the first movie, even though the second arc is shorter, I didn't feel like the movie ever rushed itself. Just as Visions of a God did, the movie did add some scenes giving a bit more depth. There aren't many drastic changes even though I think the movie told the story of the second arc better than the anime in some ways. There are some things left out but like I said I wasn't bothered by it. Overall I did enjoy this movie more out of the two and It made me like the second story arc better than I initially did so that's a plus.

The movies aren't anything spectacular but I do think they're worth the watch just the same. They do add some cool scenes that we otherwise would've never seen, and the movies eliminate slow pacing issues even though there aren't many to begin with. If you truly don't have the time to watch the anime then this is for you. However if you're at least interested in Death Note i recommend watching the anime before these two specials. The movie had few plot holes but still, the anime is much more vast. Like I said though, the two relight specials are a good enjoyable watch if you're a fan of the series like me.

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