Jun 17, 2009
I'll (Manga) add (All reviews)
Kazia0002 (All reviews)
It's a bit hard to write a review for something you didn't complete reading, but if the last two volumes will change my point, I'll delete and rewrite this review.
Story: 8
Nothing really special or different form other inside the genre, but still...
A bit slow in the beginning, it picks up the pace, and drags you along. At soe point I couldn't take my eyes off the monitor and was really disappointed that the translation isn't complete. It's quite well written and logical, doesn't get tangled up and doesn't bore you. You can see the characters development, especially in the relationship between two main heroes, at first fragile and easily broken, getting stronger with time.
It proceeds with care and even with some things left unsaid it's not that hard to comprehend.
Art: 10
I liked it very much, with well drawn background and characters. But I think it depends on ones taste...
Characters: 10!
I have to admit, I fell in love with both male leads, and it's really hard to decide who is more interesting -> Akane, theoretically one easily expressing himself and straightforward, but a hard to deal with personality, not one to admit defeat and a person who doesn't like asking for advice, or Hiiragi, a closed inside himself loner with amazing pride, stubborn and striving to give his best.
They turn each other on, easily argue, but are the ones to understand each other best. Although from time to time they make mistakes, and it gets messy...
The backup set is quite interesting, although a bit stereotypical. We have a loyal childhood friend following Akane everywhere and her sceptical friend, we have a guy who is trying to overcome his inability and a goody-buddy pseudo gangster type who is trying to fell in love.
Enjoyment: 10!!!
I loved it, love it, and will love... I can't wait till there is more released!
Overall: 9,5
I think it's outstanding in a sports genre, one truly worthwhile. But if you don't like a genre, well... why are you wasting your time? You won't find here any heartbreaking drama or romance, it's the best in it's genre, if you are looking for a more mature manga, try Death Note or something. :P