Jun 16, 2009
Surgical (All reviews)
The Suspense Is "Killing" Me ~ Can you sign my Death Note?

Death Note was the first anime that I have watched and from the first episode, I was enticed to watch more. The anime starts off with Yagami Light, A 17 year old student that picks up a notebook named the "Death Note". At first he thinks the Death Note's power to kill people is fake, but later finds out that it works. With this new acquisition Yagami Light has the power of god in his grasp, and uses it to kill criminals to make a perfect world without any crime. Killing criminals is ok right? Well L Lawliet doesn't think so. L is like a Sherlock Holmes to me, when nobody else can solve the case you go to him to solve it. As the anime progresses L takes on the case and tries to reveal who the killer is while Light tries to find what L's real name is. (in order for Light to kill L he has to know his real name)

The scenery for Death Note was really impressing because it sets a mood of what the characters are going through and feeling. Speaking of the characters, they were also drawn impressively and according to their personalities. All-in-All the art was good, and gave more sustenance to the anime.

What's up people? I just had to say that. No joke this is one of the songs from Death Note. The opening and closing songs was another thing that dragged me in and kept me watching more and more. The first opening and closing songs were made by Nightmare, which put a lot of passion into the anime. The second opening and closing songs were more intense, and you ask yourself why the makers of Death Note would switch the music up so drastically. It is a big change but it fits Yagami Light's pursue of making a perfect world and it also gives the anime a darker feeling. Where would Death Note be without the soundtrack? The soundtrack was very important in adding suspense and making the moment just right.

Yagami Light and L Lawliet or L however both intelligent are different individuals. Light the protagonist is under serious pressure. If he gets caught and is found out that he is the killer behind all this the penalty will be execution. Light shows different personalities because of this. When by L he is really calm. If he's not calm he will get caught instantly. When writing criminal's names in the Death Note he shows the psychopathic side of himself. Both of his personalities draw "you" the watcher in because you don't know if he will crack under pressure or if he will achieve the status of god in his new world without crime. L is a very lovable character because he has a sweet tooth and sits differently than anybody else but all at the same time he wants justice. His personality differs from Light's because of the actions he takes. Light kills and L does not. Light wants justice by killing and L wants justice by finding the killer. Light is more psychotic and L is more pure of heart. These differences bring them together for a battle of wits. The characters of Death Note although I have only explained 2 of them are all well based and planned out.

Overall I give Death Note a 10/10, it’s one of my favorite animes because it has great suspense and it keeps the watchers on the edge of their seat wondering what is going to happen next. One of the best things about Death Note is that it can be a good starting anime for beginners or it can be for experienced anime watchers. I recommend this anime for any anime watcher out there, Death Note is truly great!