Aug 25, 2014
Malfegor (All reviews)
Ah, Giganto Makhia. Kentaro Miura's first original work in over two decades and ultimate proof that he did not spend his year of Berserk hiatus just lazing around, like so many people seem to accuse him of. The man obviously needed a creative break and created this very short seven chapter manga in the meantime. And you know what? Did a damn fine job with it, too.

Story - 8
Giganto Makhia is a science fiction story set a hundred million years in the future, though to be honest it feels more like a fantasy story, as you wont find any advanced technology or other elements that would make it feel more sci-fi here.
The plot follows the two main characters Delos and Prome as they wander through a desert and eventually end up in a village of 'bug people'.
I cant really talk too much about the plot, as it so short, that any more details beyond this basic set-up might be considered spoiler.
Considering how short this manga is, the story does a pretty great job at introducing the main characters, setting up the world and some major factions
and having spot on pacing. The only negative i can think of is, again, the short length and the limitations that come with it, but the fact that i want to see more of this world means the plot did its job quite well.

Characters - 8
The manga focuses mainly on the two main characters Prome, a girl with magic powers, and Delos, a wrestler hired by Prome for an unknown purpose that becomes clearer as the story goes on.
Aside from the two mains, only one side character, another pugilist Delos fights, gets some attention.
Time constraints, once again, limit the character department from developing its full potential, though thankfully the important characters are all almost instantly likable.
Delos is kindhearted, but fierce and calculating once engaged in combat, Prome on the other side is a prime example of how to do a deadpan, mostly emotionless character and not make them boring and unlikable. They have great chemistry together and their interactions are one of the best things about the entire manga.

Art - 10
Kentaro Miura is one of the finest artists working in this medium, period. The art in Giganto Makhia is downright perfect with high levels of detail, creative character and creature designs, fantastic action choreography and an amazing sense of scale when necessary. Its goddamn flawless, i aint got much more to add.

Enjoyment - 8
This is a fantastic little manga and a very fun read, its only drawback being that it feels more like an introduction to a much larger series than a standalone story. Now, as a side note, Miura did say that he would like to continue it at some point, which i personally would love to see, but with his commitments to the Berserk series i doubt this will happen anytime soon (or ever). One can still hope tho, dare i say i almost wish for a another Berserk hiatus so he can squeeze some GM in his work schedule? ... No. No, i shouldnt say that and i wouldnt want that to happen, but you get my point, right? Good manga, good stuff, i dig it, thumbs up. Please dont crucify me for that hiatus joke!

Overall - 8
Recommended for people who like fantasy, action, good art, Kentaro Miura, sick wrestling moves or to those who would like to read an entire manga series while waiting at the dentists office.