Aug 24, 2014
DreamingLily (All reviews)
Full Moon wo Sagashite: Searching for a full moon

I guess most people who are anime fans just constantly look for those anime that really leave a deep impact on you, lift you up, and help you gain a further appreciation for anime. Sometimes we wonder if that special one will ever come, that one that is so special to us on a personal level that we will forever remember it as long as we continue to watch anime or even think about it. This time for me, I think I found one of those in full moon wo sagashite.

On the surface full moon wo sagashite is a very (very) cute story of a young twelve year old girl(Kouyama Mitsuki) who develops a cancerous tumor in her throat despite the fact that she desires to sing(with all of her heart) in order to keep a promise with a childhood friend and lover. She then encounters two shinigami(death gods-Takuto and Meroko) who tell her that she only has one year left to live and they help her fulfill her last wish to become a singer by transforming her into a sixteen year old girl and allowing her to successfully go to an audition. The story then tells of Mitsuki's adventures in the idol industry(There are some pretty hilarious events and cliffhangers that will keep you upright in your seat) and her battle against the fate that was predetermined from the very beginning. There is a huge emphasis on Mitsuki's strength of character and her ability to change people's attitudes for the better with her energy and enthusiasm.

All in all I think that this is such a heartwarming story. Mitsuki's voice and her songs really do speak to people. I for one was really amazed and awed by the powerful and beautiful songs that were featured in the anime, and her songs are so great to listen to that I would love to continue listening to them in the future. At the start of the story when Mitsuki goes to the audition, her voice immediately astounds all the judges with it's power and beauty. I swear I was sitting right alongside with them with my jaw wide open. What's even more is all the emotion she stacks on top of her voice with each and every song. Just by listening, one can tell that Mitsuki truly does enjoy singing and that she wants her songs to reach the hearts of all those who listen to them.

Despite the very lighthearted and happy beginning, some stronger, more emotional themes do come up later in the anime. Some of these themes include: the broken thoughts of those who attempt to take their own lives, the concept of predetermined fate, the despair of losing a loved one, and the struggles of those who are unable to do the very things they love to do the most.

A major theme that comes up is the importance of living life to its fullest. There is infinite joy one can obtain by just living to see another day and we should enjoy life while we still can.

Returning to the theme of music, there really is a certain beauty to music, the messages it can carry, and the impact it can have on people. Mitsuki's voice is surely strong, beautiful and powerful enough to reach the heavens, to the people who now watch over her from above.

*discrete spoilers*

Endings are often the toughest part to create when writing a story, yet here we get a beautifully and masterfully written ending that manages to make the audience smile even as the tears form in their eyes. The longing feelings of being separated from companions that you have so long taken for granted is a feeling that is really hard to understand fully unless you have experienced something similar. But even if you haven't, it's hard not to feel anything as you take a look at this powerful, tear-jerking ending. Viewers experinece sheer joy and sadness at the same time as we see a happy reunion along with the farewell of a very close friend (who has grown so incredibly beautiful and more mature looking :')

Full Moon wo Sagashite really is a timeless tale that people of all ages are able to enjoy
My rating: Very good 8/10

I know that for me personally, the story of full moon wo sagashite will always remain in my heart because it was just so beautifully and masterfully written. In the end, I think that it really did end up being something special.

There's nothing wrong with living each day like it's the last~!