Aug 24, 2014
XavierSylfaen (All reviews)
Digital Juice is a collection of terrible shorts that are largely not worth your time even despite their short length. Only two of the six are even worth mentioning, so I'll cover them right now.

The first is In the Evening of a Moonlit Night. It's the only good one, thus my 2/10 rating - only 1/6 of the shorts are worth watching, thus 1.67/10 rounded up to being a 2/10. It's a neat music video about a girl with a deformed chin and fingers for toes - in other words, pretty neat. Go watch it here and don't bother downloading the rest of the garbage shorts:

The second is Chicken's Insurance. Chicken's Insurance, much like the other four bad ones, is a piece of shit. But it's worth mentioning because of the song playing in the background. It's some mediocre hip-hop song with poor vocal delivery. But I noticed one line in it - "come on, girl, let me rock your world". Right away this stood out at me as a line from the song "Iwatodai Dormitory" from Persona 3. But surely it's a coincidence, right? That sort of sounds sort of like a generic rap lyric, it's probably nothing. But then, one second later, I hear "triple brown, triple brown, triple brown meow". This is a lyric right from the song "Joy" from Persona 3. Here's proof:

This clearly isn't a coincidence. At first, I thought Digital Juice had just lifted lyrics from Persona 3, but then I checked and the game came out in 2006, while this collection of shorts was released in 2002. What's going on here? I decided to investigate. After scraping about on the SMT wiki for a bit, I found out that one of the rappers that provided vocals for the Persona 3 OST was named "Lotus Juice". "Lotus Juice"? "Digital Juice"? There's something going on. It doesn't take a detective to see a connection here. But further research turned up nothing. There was no discernible link between Lotus Juice and Digital Juice, or even Studio 4C or any of its employees. Google came up dry. It seems that my search has come to an end.

What is the link here? Was Lotus Juice on staff providing vocals for Digital Juice, possibly even being such an influence to Studio 4C staff that the collection of shorts was partially named after him? Could it be that it's just a coincidence, and Shoji Meguro, Persona 3's OST composer, just happened to watch Digital Juice and lifted the lyrics from this random background music for some reason? Or maybe it's something I haven't even thought of yet. What really happened? The world may never know. If you ever find any information about this bizarre occurrence, please leave a comment on my profile so I can get some closure to this mystery.

But ultimately, what I'm getting at is this: if the fact that Persona 3 lyrics are in a short section of this short collection is by far the most interesting thing about it, it's probably because it's shit. Because it is. Don't bother watching this.