Jun 15, 2009
enerjak (All reviews)
well i am sorry for my english

how should i begin with this crazy ova

well first of it shows every akibakei dream and have a message to all guys who wishes for a harem life, it been painful to magined the pain everyday doing it on and on so i skipped that part for now

warning spoiler contents

the story is kinda like a chase to get daisuke dude do choise beteween 4 main girls and and makeing 2 of them love crazy with him(which one of them is he little sisterl) and he playing with two turiset so the count down is 6 girls
which 4 of them wants him to pick the right one

it funny and has all kinds of genre:moe,incest,and so on
charcher are all one kind and not singel scenes is rewrite crap from other ova
the music with sound are good better than average at least

i liked this because it made me to think why he even accept his fate
but oh well this is ova

and it was worht to watch it

i highly recommed this 3 epi ova hentai

i giv it 9/10