Aug 15, 2014
ImTheRhetorician (All reviews)
As some of you know the Naruto movies aren't anything special but that's not to say you can't enjoy them right?

First off i'll say i did enjoy this a bit more than the first movie, the action was a bit better and the story wasn't predictable compared to the first. That doesn't mean the story is anything that special but it worked and i was somewhat interested and overall i enjoyed watching it. The plot is nothing crazy, it didn't have any plot twists or unexpected events but it was a thorough and solid story without any plot holes.

The animation looked better this time around too, obviously because technology improves every year but like I said it was better. The characters moved alot more fluently and the action scenes looked smoother, the environments stood out to me as looking alot more detailed and lush as well. The soundtrack wasn't anything good, quite forgettable actually but i'm not expecting much from a movie after all...Still i can't tell if it was simply underused or just not good. The overall sounds were good, all of the overall sound effects sounded crisp and clear and it was pleasant to listen to in headphones.

The characters were good, some of my favorite scenes had to do with Gaara and Kankuro who acted as guests. I like both of these characters so it was nice to see them in the movie and not underused, watching Gaara and Kankuro fight was very cool to see considering Gaara has some of the strongest jutsu in the original series. Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru acted as the main characters and it worked as always. Shikamaru didn't do much but he had his moments and he's a nice presence. The Antagonists this time around impressed me more than the last, even though i knew ultimately Naruto was going to win. This time though, it did feel more intense and the villians gave Naruto and the others much more of a struggle. The end fight especially stood out as being the best part of the movie, Naruto did something that i won't spoil with his Rasengan that was actually really cool. The one thing that bothered me though was the whole "utopia" idea that acted as the bad guys plan. In short, they wanted to make the world a peaceful utopia by using this "thing" that the plot revolved around. The peace aspect is nothing new, but the utopia idea felt kinda out of place. Even the antagonists armor and technology felt out of place, however it had a nice aesthetic to it and it looked cool so i will give it that.

Overall it was a solid plot, nothing left unanswered and no plot holes. The characters were good as usual, Gaara and Kankuro were nice editions and the new characters were cool and did what they needed to do. The animation was very good and it sounded great despite the mediocre soundtrack. The story wasn't anything incredible but it wasn't predictable and i was entertained throughout. The action scenes were all very well executed, they were unique and didn't drag on and didn't feel too short. There were some nice light hearted moments as always that made for a good touch. In all, I enjoyed it. If you're a fan of Naruto you'll enjoy it, if you don't like the anime then this isn't gonna change your mind. Nevertheless, fans of the show you would enjoy yourselves just as i did as long as you don't expect anything extraordinary.

Hope this helped (: